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July Energy Update

Welcome to the July Energy Update!


First order of business! I just got back from Mt. Shasta and I can’t say enough about how amazing and perfect it was! If you ever have the chance to go, don’t pass it up, it is the most amazing sacred vortex site I’ve ever been to. It’s definitely next-level stuff!


Click here for the full energy update video. As always, this is a general collective energy reading so take what resonates for you.


Now, I’m going to kick this update off the same way we did last month, with some guidance from my book, “Creation Codes: Rise of the Goddess; Navigating Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Energy.” I wrote this book about my awakening and embodiment journey the past twenty years as a guide for anyone on their own journey of self-discovery. (It is available here if you don't have it yet.)


I asked for messages from the highest frequencies of love & light to assist us on our journey…and the same page from last month came up! Definitely confirmation that we’re on the right track. Just to recap, the message was about healing yourself, and how that has a ripple effect, so always focus on healing YOU, and you will help to heal the world!


But I knew there was more for July, so I asked for another page. I intuitively turned to page 9/10 in Chapter 2, “Surrendering to Your Soul Purpose,” and it talks about SOUL CALLING and taking “aligned action.” It begins at the bottom of page 9:


“Your soul calling is the movement piece of your purpose and mission. If you are in tune with your calling, it will help you create aligned action steps that keep you moving along with both your soul purpose and divine mission. I feel my calling in my heart center. Most of the clients I have worked with feel their calling in their heart center, or they feel it as a gut or womb feeling. It’s an inner knowing that you feel moved to take an action step. For example, it could be that you are being asked to travel somewhere, create something, or say something to a certain person. Saying yes to each step I am being called to take is the way I have found to stay in a place of aligned action that keeps me moving forward with my mission and purpose.


It is important to take action when you have the inspiration, don’t wait too long. When you take inspired action steps, your life unfolds with less resistance and more adventure, and you will be doing the things your soul is here to experience. Being in a state of flow is created by moving from one inspired action to the next, like being carried by a river. This is how I live my life.”


I’d say the main theme for July is SOUL CALLING. 


What’s calling you? 


The problem with soul callings is that a lot of times, they come to us when we don’t feel ready, or they feel too big and too scary, or we were preparing for something totally different in our life at the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had all my ducks in a row and then the Universe tells me to scrap it all! Can you relate?


When a calling comes in, it can be very intense. Every time I’ve gone to Mt. Shasta, I’ve received monumental growth on my spiritual journey. I was called there, and even when I would have rather gone to a tropical beach somewhere, I listened. In fact, I’m already being summoned a third time in the very near future! 


Listening to Soul Callings is how you ALIGN with the things that you are asking to manifest, the desires that you have in your life. When a desire comes from your heart, whether it’s a job, a relationship, or anything, and you think, “Wouldn’t it be great to create this!” that sets the Universe in motion! That thing you want to create already exists on another frequency, and then the CALLING comes in to help you take aligned action steps toward it! 


This is why it’s so important to listen when the Universe calls. You are being called to move forward by your soul.


Listening to a Soul Calling is usually uncomfortable. Callings grow you, stretch you into another version of yourself that you’ve never gone into before, and all your alarm systems will go off. The ego fears death, and when the ego feels a piece of your identity is going to “die,” it will try to prevent it from happening, and that causes resistance.


Growth requires you to release those identities you no longer need when you’re moving into a greater identity, toward the highest version of you. And yes, it’s hard, but it’s also worth it.


Do you feel a calling coming in for you? Are you ready to listen? 


Remember, what you’ve asked for is already there, it already exists, and it’s already YOURS. And you can baby step your way toward it, or leap. It doesn’t matter, as long as you’re moving toward it. Be OPEN to everything you’re receiving in July. Listen to what’s coming in. Honor it. Breathe into it. Even if it feels too big. Remember, it was created just for you.


Any resistance you feel is just those pieces of you that are trying to protect you. Talk to those parts. Have a conversation with them. At some point in your life, you put up a protective barrier against this growth because you felt unsafe, and only you can take that barrier down.


As always, I pulled some cards for July, and I started with my newest deck, “Guides of the Hidden Realms” by Colette Baron Reid. As I was shuffling, I noticed a message inside the cover of the box:


“Accept the sacred partnership of the guides, and awaken to more than you ever thought possible, your true path, your purpose, your power and your potential.”


Every guide is just an aspect of you on a different frequency, and can see more than you can. They’ll never tell you exactly what to do, because of free will, but they can give you a higher perspective, so talk to your guides!


The card I pulled was, “Mentorship, Fulfillment, Peace of Mind, Self-care: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!”


A mentor is someone who is in total integrity within themselves, and is respected. Their authenticity is felt by others. They have earned their stripes, and are typically in their 40’s or 50’s. You might be working on your mentor badge right now, and once you fully tap into that frequency, it extends into your relationships and other areas of your life. 


Self-care was already coming through for me in July, and has definitely been amped up since the Summer Solstice! Do you feel it? For me personally, I’ve been experiencing a major eye upgrade, and my self-care has included resting and not wearing my contacts. 


I was pulled to receive another message from this beautiful deck, and got card #22, “The Alchemy of Poison: transformational lessons, reclaiming personal choice, radical forgiveness.”


Wow. What a powerful message. All of the downloads, the frequency and DNA upgrades we received during the Solstice are going through this alchemical process that we will be experiencing for the bulk of July and into the Lion’s Gate portal on August 8th. It’s helping us release anything that isn’t in congruence in our energy fields, energy still sitting in our fields from the transformational lessons we’ve moved through. It’s an exciting time!


Radical forgiveness of SELF is strong this month. It’s time to look at the ways you’ve behaved in the past that you might have guilt or shame around and let go of it. How can you show up differently now to tap into a higher, more aligned YOU?


Western culture has conditioned us to stuff our emotions down, to not share the truth of our emotional state, because it might make someone else uncomfortable. That energy sits under the surface, festering. When we go through times of expansion, whether it’s a Solstice period, a retreat, or we receive healing, those emotions will come up, and they can be intense. 


We need to be able to show the truth of ourselves in every moment, even if we’re sad, or angry, and when we learn to do this in the moment, the emotions that come through are more manageable.


Because of all the questions I’ve gotten around abundance recently, I switched to my Angels of Abundance deck for this next card, and my nose started itching! The energy was flowing! I pulled, “Raise or Promotion: Congratulations! An increase in your abundance flow awaits you! This is a result of your positive focus and willingness to take action based on your divine guidance. Keep up the good work!”


Yay! Let’s claim that message right now!


All of the work you’ve done is paying off! The uptick in frequency from the Solstice is creating a greater flow of abundance this month! Whether it’s through a literal raise or promotion, or just an increase in abundance from other avenues, this is great news! 


I grabbed my “Magical Unicorns” deck, and got the message, “The best way to get good at a skill is practice, practice, practice until you get it right!” I would absolutely agree with this, but another way to get really good at something is to remember the 80/20 rule: 80% energy alignment (behind the scenes work on visualizing and intention) and 20% execution, taking aligned action steps.. 


My daughter was a gymnast for many years. I know she has done this, and many athletes do it, as well as non-athletes trying to hone any high-level skill, such as public speaking. They VISUALIZE the process ahead of time. In other words, they see themselves doing it over and over before they actually do it. This is just as powerful as repeating the actual process a hundred times, because your mind doesn’t know the difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.


When I pulled a butterfly card, the message was, “A Windfall!” Who’s ready for that? I know I am! Let’s just set that intention right now to open up our energy for a windfall to happen this month! It’s all possible! The booklet for the butterfly card deck by Doreen Virtue said this:


“A positive change in your finances is indicated by this card. Although the newfound abundance may be unexpected, it definitely serves a purpose in your life. Your prayers for support have been heard and answered, and now it is your role to utilize the windfall in the most beneficial way. Pray and meditate to have the strength to say no to distracting influences that could squander your resources. You have access to divine wisdom to guide your investments so that they continue to support your health, happiness and mission. Most of all, do not allow any fluctuations in your finances to stress you, as you have the power to be at peace no matter what’s going on around you. And as you emanate peace, so too, do you attract all that you need.”


This was my favorite card of the day! Let’s have a WINDFALL! And so it is!


Then, I pulled a card from my Starseed Oracle deck, and got “The Courageous Peony: multifaceted, unique nature, let yourself be seen.”


So, where are you hiding out in your life? Where are you not wanting to be seen? Do you have fear of rejection, fear of failure, imposter syndrome? If no one can see you, you’re safe, but then you can’t grow. Can you let yourself see the real you, warts and all? Can you let yourself be HUMAN? 


When you truly see yourself, fully and completely, then other people can see you, too. It’s a POWERFUL process.


The most recent example I have in my own life of “being seen” happened as a result of writing the book about my own spiritual journey. When you write your story with the intent to help others, you are forced to confront and accept every part of yourself you haven’t been able to look at. 


What if flowers hid themselves and never bloomed? What a sad, colorless world we would live in. The world needs you to bloom. The time for you to be seen is NOW.


Wendy Lou and I are stepping out into the sun and starting a PODCAST in August, and that is calling us both to bloom in a bigger way! (Stay tuned, more deets incoming!)


Not everyone has the COURAGE to go deep inside themselves and come back out to share what they’ve learned. It’s a deep, dark, internal place to go, and requires trust and faith in yourself.


Interestingly, in hand analysis, there is something called the Persephone Head Line. People with this line attract lost souls, and they can dive into the deepest parts of themselves and come right back up, using that energy as a highway of sorts. They don’t get stuck at the bottom of the deep dark parts of the ocean, but have the natural ability to go in and out and share what they saw with others.


I then pulled a card from my Gaia deck, and got, “Enchanted Forest: mystery, magic, excitement.” What came to me was RELATIONSHIPS. There is an unfoldment of these things in relationships this month, whether you’re calling in new connections or deepening an existing one. The enchanted forest represents a relationship that you’re exploring, offering constant reflection back to you. Every relationship is a deep exploration of self. 


So, let’s wrap all this magical energy of July up with a pretty bow.


Listen to your soul callings and take aligned action, talk to your guides (they know stuff and can see a bigger view!), engage in self-care and self-forgiveness, visualize yourself doing the things that will move you forward, abundance is coming, it’s time to be seen, and Divine relationships will be forged, either new or a deepening of the old, but the most important message for July is…


Ask yourself, where am I hiding? What is calling me forward?


Choose your greater calling and stop hiding. Then bloom, baby, BLOOM! 

Again, you can catch the full video here: energy update video.

Wishing you a magical July Divine being!

All the best,

Angie Kay

P.S. Here is a pic from Pluto's cave in Mt. Shasta, it is said to be the root chakra of the vortex. It was incredible!



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