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Soul-Led Living

Angie Kay

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"Angie is a masterful divinely led leader. I have learned a lot and transformed quickly, shedding layers, patterns of behavior and beliefs that no longer serve me." 
Activate your Divine Feminine Soul gifts Transmute fear, shame and guilt of the Divine Fem
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Activate your Divine Feminine Soul gifts Transmute fear, shame and guilt of the Divine Fem

I am a divine feminine embodiment, Law of Attraction coach & Author who believes that you deserve a juicy soul-led business & life

I empower awakening women, female soul-led entrepreneurs and lightworkers to liberate your inner goddess, unleash your creative potential and experience expansive fulfillment. Say goodbye to the outdated ideas of what success “looks like” and the exhausting masculine grind of pushing and competition by embodying your divine feminine essence, transforming your experience into one of joy, pleasure, purpose, financial abundance and bliss.


I believe that a woman doesn’t need to operate from overly masculine energy to be successful. Instead, I teach you how to heal and harmonize your inner masculine and feminine energies. This balance allows your authentic self to flow into inspired action. I help you feel full permission to embody your feminine qualities of—intuition, receiving, creativity, sensuality, compassion, wisdom, softness and strength.


My signature approach combines intuitive coaching, sound frequency activations, manifestation processes, energy clearing and alignment all while incorporating the perfect amount of structured strategy. This unique formula assists you ascend to new heights of success and fulfillment, accomplishing more and doing less.


This is thriving. This is your Goddess Frequency.

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AKM - Brand Style Sheet (13).png

It's Your Time to Thrive Goddess!

Ways you can work with me

"I am so grateful for being a part of the Goddess Circle Program with Angie at the helm. I wouldn’t have been able to create the newest phase of my business without her. Her insight & intuition along with her wonderful skills & gifts also helped to clear the way when I came up against the blocks that hold me back."


"The thing I like about Angie is she is like the girl next door, but oh so much more. She has this incredible intelligence and so many off the beaten path experiences. This makes her the perfect guide!"


"Angie, with her beautiful angelic voice led me into a deep meditative state. I could feel my chakras opening. Then I felt my root chakra burst open and release lifetimes of deep emotional pain and blockages. I immediately felt lighter and knew I had experienced a very deep healing."


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