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Embark on a journey of awakening, transformation, and profound love with

Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess

by Angie Kay 

Creation Codes is a beacon for those

experiencing an awakening that has rocked their world.

"An absolutely gorgeous walk through the various layers and unfolding of awakening. Stunningly inclusive wisdom and delicate vulnerability delivered with beautifully high frequency energy. You have created a gift worthy of the journey."

―Keziah Daniel, Editor

This book expresses the sometimes unspoken and vulnerable nature of awakening, offering compassionate and thorough understanding of this deeply personal journey. It offers step-by-step insights into navigating the peaks, valleys, array of emotion, healing, bliss and adventure inherent in the awakening process.

Written from the heart of an intuitive coach and an energy healer....

This narrative is woven with the personal experiences of walking away from a long career in corporate, healing, communicating with spirit guides, Kundalini awakening, soul embodiment, and the embrace of one's highest purpose. "Creation Codes" invites you into a world where the trials of life are not punishments but opportunities for growth, where disconnection from the mundane leads to a mystic path of personal evolution and spiritual discovery.

This book is an activation.

Enjoy the layered transmissions from the Divine Mother, the Goddesses and Ascended Masters. Creation Codes, serves to assist you to awaken your Divine Feminine essence and your I AM presence so you can experience your soul-embodied aliveness and fall in love with life again.

Creation Codes will help you:


  • Understand Kundalini, the Divine Feminine Energy, the powerful force within you inviting a profound transformation and shift in consciousness

  • Connect with your divine purpose, allowing you to surrender to your soul's true calling and create a life filled with joy.

  • Discover the Power of Intention: Learn how to turn your dreams into reality.

  • Receive a deeper understanding of your intuitive gifts and your ability to see beyond the ordinary without the fear that you are losing your mind.

  • Understand why your life may appear to be falling apart so you can stop clinging to what no longer serves you.

  • Find paths to wholeness, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-trust by integrating all aspects of your being, including the shadow self.

This book will allow you to tap into your boundless human and spiritual potential, opening the door to an entirely new world.

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“Angie is the real deal. She lives, breathes and embodies this work. If you are feeling lost or confused as you go through the wild ride of awakening, this book will be an amazing guide for you, wherever you are in the process. Through story and simple to understand explanations, Angie helps you to make sense of what may feel like chaos, scary and unknown. Know that you are not alone. You are in the exact right place. Open this book and let it support you to move through this intense experience of awakening.”

―Keri Lynn, The Wealth Alchemist

“Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess is utterly compelling, engaging and Angie’s story is so intriguing. She is refreshingly open about her process of spiritual awakenings and offers the reader many tips. Angie's book radiates the purity, clarity and devotion of the Ascended Masters.”

―Kim Mukti Nijhara,

Author of “Confessions of a Tantric Lawyer"

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About Angie Kay

Angie is an intuitive feminine embodiment coach for women and entrepreneurs who works with her psychic gifts, energy healing, holographic sound and channeled divine feminine activations. 

She empowers spiritual female soul-led entrepreneurs and lightworkers to liberate your inner goddess, unleash your creative potential and experience expansive fulfillment. She helps women release the outdated ideas of what success “looks like” and the exhausting masculine grind of pushing and competition by balancing your inner masculine and embodying your divine feminine essence, transforming your experience into one of joy, pleasure, creativity, purpose, financial abundance and bliss.


Angie offers one-on-one coaching, facilitates women’s workshops, programs and retreats. Angie is certified in Intuitive Coaching, QSCA Law of Attraction Coaching, Holographic Sound Healing Level III, Reiki and Life Purpose Hand Analysis.



“Angie has written a vulnerable account of her own spiritual awakening in Creation Codes. She offers an inside glimpse of the awakening process while providing you with support for your personal journey. Angie is adept at explaining the joy and ecstasy of a Kundalini awakening while being real and not shying away from the confusion or uncertainty that might arise. Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess will guide and inspire you on the next stage of your awakening journey.

―Bree Steldt, MSN

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