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Success Stories

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"Since my session with Angie, I've been planning the next half of my life. I've been a little lost despite multiple friends pushing me to "level up.” I wasn't sure what that looked like though. My vision for the next half of my life couldn't be any clearer! If you're stuck or need a little guidance, contact Angie now!"

You won't regret it!


"During this session, I discovered a past life experience having to do with my shoulders and arms and when Angie and I cleared it, I felt a relief in this area that I had never felt before. Also, my shortness of breath was gone, and has not returned! I highly recommend her services. She is intuitive, supportive and fun!"

-Jasmine Bernheim

 I was experiencing MONTHS of unexplained bloating that was so uncomfortable and I was at the end of my rope. Five minutes into one of her sound healing sessions and something big released from my solar. I have not been bloated AT ALL since. 


"Angie's been working with me to help me realize my life purpose and how to work through to start living it.

. She helped me connected the dots on how some of what I'm already doing is part of my path and helped me see how to stay on track by connecting with my authentic self.

I have a whole new way of thinking now as I'm tackling tasks and going through my day. I'm much more confident and know  I'm heading in the right direction.  Thank you, Angie! <3 <3 <3"


"Angie, with her beautiful angelic voice led me into a deep meditative state. With every frequency she channeled I could feel my chakras opening. Then I felt my root chakra burst open and release lifetimes of deep emotional pain and blockages. I immediately felt lighter and knew I had experienced a very deep healing."


"Angie has done it again! Whenever I need guidance, or a little extra push to truly SEE something, or support to face something BIG and heal it, she is able to connect me to my Akashic records with ease. I know myself, know what I'm able to do, and have largely come to the place where I am my own guru, but when I need help...Angie is my go-to! I had a past life knocking on my door, keeping me awake at night, and I couldn't decipher it, it overwhelmed me. Yesterday, Angie helped me sort it out, and did it quickly and effortlessly. Last night I slept like a rock! Thank you, Angie!"


"I want to thank Angie for the awesome session that we had a little while back! She dove into my akashic records and we had a very revealing and EXTREMELY useful session that shed a lot of light on some of my ongoing struggles and what I should be doing about them. Also a lot of things came out for me business-wise that I was able to turn around and implement IMMEDIATELY.

I loved my session and I definitely recommend anyone interested reach out to her about it. She's almost scary good at what she does, but she's also super open and helpful along the way, before and after in my experience!"


I have done many different kinds of sound healings from personal 1-1 sessions to group sessions so I thought I knew what to expect. My 1-1 sound healing session with Angie was above and beyond transformative. I was laying comfortably with my eyes closed so when she began it sounded like she was playing the flute and then came the horns throughout the session. I kept thinking, what kind of horn is that? I could feel my cells pulsating.... It's hard to explain in words the journey I went on and it was incredible. After the session I asked Angie about the flute and horns she was playing and she laughed because she was doing all of that through tones with her own voice!! Amazing!!!!


"As a result, of Angie's Goddess Circle Program I landed a contract with my dream client in perfect divine timing. I am solid in my intuitive knowledge and use it to guide me in all aspects of my life. I now manifest things more quickly, have greater clarity, vision and direction and give and receive from people in greater ease and fulfillment. I trust and love myself in a way that I did not before. I am truly grateful for Angie’s generous compassionate transformative soul.


Angie is incredible! I have been learning how to access the Akashic Records with her and she has been a powerful teacher and guide. Within 3 sessions I have gained so much knowledge and comfort working with the records. She offers so much value with everything she does. I have been thrilled working with Angie and look forward to seeing what unfolds as I continue to work with her

What I received from the Freedom Journey Akashic Records training was a deeper sense of my soul’s mission. Angie’s teachings and guidance of the Akashic records built a lot of understanding how to use the records and built a lot of my own confidence in using the records as personal guidance. 


The day I had my session with Angela, I was at a very low point. I was in a very challenging, dark time where things just didn’t make sense to me any more. What had worked for me before no longer worked. I felt like I had lost connection with my guidance system. In one short hour of working with Angela, I came away understanding what was going on, feeling more connected than I had ever before, and in a new phase of my life. This may sound like an exaggeration, but this is a very sincere explanation so others may experience what I did. I will always be grateful to Angela for her help, compassion, and gift!


"Wow! After only 2 sessions with Angie Kraft-Meldahl my life is changing quickly! She has helped me release the guilt and shame that I've been harboring for the last 2 years!

After the first session my home life shifted pretty dramatically and after the second

(literally like same day) my business blew up with 3 new business partners and the possibility of it going to Israel and Greece!

Even as I'm writing this I'm in some disbelief but am not going to stop it!

I am so excited to see what else is going to come about from working with Angie Kraft-Meldahl! I do know it will be all good:)"


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