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Holographic Sound Healing

What is Holographic
Sound Healing?

Holographic Sound Healing combines vocal toning, crystal singing bowls, sacred geometry and energy work. Holographic Sound was developed by Dr. Paul Hubbert, Ph. D. 

Holographic Sound Frequency is a great way to balance and harmonize your energy and can target a variety of challenges. 

What is possible with holographic sound frequency sessions?

  • Raise your vibration

  • Elevate your mood

  • Overcome physical hinderance

  • Receive clarity, messages and guidance from your spirit team and higher self

  • Manifest your desires faster and with greater ease

  • Balance and harmonize your energy systems



*Session take place over zoom conference. After purchasing Angie will email within 24 hours to schedule your session time.

Copy of Reading A Seven Week Intuitive ADVENTURE for your Soul (900 × 312 px) (400 × 400 p

Success Stories ...

"With every frequency she channeled I could feel my chakras opening. I felt my root chakra burst open and release lifetimes of deep emotional pain and blockages. I immediately felt lighter and knew I had experienced a very deep healing." - Leslie W "


We went into the sound healing and I could feel the energies swirl, in a flowing manner, throughout my body. As it did, I felt every blockage dissolve and the natural flow return. With each session, the results multiply in magnitude. I highly encourage you to start and for those who have gone through it, "come on back" you'll be overwhelmingly amazed at just how healing these sessions can truly be." -John G

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