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March 2024 Energy Update

Happy March! Spring is inching closer, and in my world that means it’s almost book launch time!! The Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess online book launch is happening April 28th so please mark your calendar because the digital version will be .99 for 24 hours.


That’s my quick book launch update. Let’s delve into the energies of March.


My soul sister Wendy Lou and I live streamed the March energy report on my Facebook page last week and I am really excited to share it with you. 


There’s a major money theme that has been poking its head out of the Collective recently, but it’s been building for the past year. Globally, it has manifested as drastically rising inflation, food costing more than ever before, and more and more people struggling to pay even just their basic bills. It’s been downright painful. 

When Wendy Lou came to visit me for a few days, we knew we needed to tune into this money mess. This is what we saw:


It’s coming through as a huge collective cleansing around money and wealth, the negative emotions we have harbored toward money, and attached to the very energy of financial abundance.


This cleansing has already happened, and space has been made in each of our energy fields, and by extension, the collective energy field, to bring in more abundance. Channels are open now to allow those abundance codes to bring through a blossoming in your life!


If you’ve done the work, allowed yourself to feel these emotions as they came up, then you likely felt this much more profoundly playing out in your life than those around you. But, in doing so, you’ve made space for a new life to truly begin.


Because we are still in hibernation mode for most of March, the blossoming will really become evident around the first of April, which is the actual beginning of the year, according to the ancient calendars. Gaia shows us this with warmer weather and plants and flowers beginning to grow and open in Spring. 


April is when we can really begin to move and stretch and make big changes and advances in our lives. Synchronistically, April 1st also brings us a New Moon, so get ready for that new life energy to catapult you forward!


By April 1st, you should start to feel an easing of the heaviness that you’ve been trudging through, and you’ll notice that you want to venture out of the hole you’ve been hiding in for the past few years. You’ll want to expand! 


Wendy and I saw a beautiful field of wildflowers blooming with this energy! What does that mean? It means that we are finally breaking through the lessons and growth that began in early 2020, and reaping the rewards of our hard work! 

The message came through loud and clear: Start expecting miracles around abundance, money and finances! Let go of what they will look like and just receive. 

In the meantime, during these last few weeks of hibernation, as we begin to wake up, focus on the darkest corners of your energetic closets that this healing has illuminated for you. You let go of your old money stories (if you’re not feeling this yet, don’t worry, it’s coming!), and now you can do some deep Spring cleaning. These may be things that you didn’t even know were there, things you inherited or agreed to carry, but now demand your attention. 


It may feel like you’re cleaning out your grandmother’s closet, and reaching places that have never been dusted before. Most of it isn’t yours, so it should be easy (I said “should!”) compared to the past year’s trial by fire. 


It’s time to wrap up all this healing, so we can take a deep, cleansing breath.


And remember, when we heal ancestral baggage, we heal it for everyone who was affected by it, even in a very small way, and even for those who are no longer here.


Wendy and I always buy new oracle or tarot decks when we’re together, and this trip was no exception! We got our new decks out and pulled some cards around this energy, how it's affecting each individual, and the collective, and received messages on how we can all thrive and push through the rest of March like the badasses we are!


I pulled a beautiful Dragon card! Perfection, right? February 10th brought the beginning of the Year of the Dragon, so you may be feeling this energy of fierceness along with newfound abundance. Dragons always make me think of gold, and how connected they are to the earth. They are the guardians of wealth, reminding us that all the best ideas in the world are worthless until you anchor them into Gaia. Only then can they become part of our reality and bring abundance. 


Dragons bring in the abundance codes and hold them for safekeeping until we’re ready to receive them. This massive clearing we’ve just been through is evidence that we are ready. Yippee! We have been upgraded to a new level of receiving abundance and wealth in all forms!


Dragons also herald the resurgence of the Goddess, so, as the dragons rise, so will the Divine Feminine! But, remember, as the giants stir, they don’t go from a deep sleep to flying in one day. They take their time, they savor each step toward taking flight. March is still in hibernation mode, so allow yourself to take baby steps, to revel in the miracle of the journey itself, and you will know when it’s time to soar!


Wendy channeled a beautiful message about the physical body, and how it might be struggling a lot right now. If you have experienced discomfort, you may be feeling these same things coming through again, and stronger than before. Know that this is part of the cleansing that has taken place, and that everything holds on tighter just before it is released. 


Love your body. Do your best to give it what it needs. Tell it how amazing it is, and how grateful you are for it. Soothe the nervous system! Integration of this energy is key, and requires lots of rest and stillness. 


Then I asked Wendy to pull a card from her new deck, and a message of raising your frequency came through from Mary Magdalene, who was depicted in a very relaxed, restful state, but also writing with a feather quill to show that we can still create within this energy. The card was number 9, confirming that we are coming to the end of a big cycle! Did we need a powerful reminder that self-care is paramount right now as we integrate this fabulous new frequency? I guess we did!


The best way to raise your frequency is to tune into your own spiritual technology. You have everything you need inside you, but

unity consciousness allows us to activate each other simply by being near, or choosing to work with someone. 


We don’t actually receive anything from anyone else, but the codes others hold can activate us to our next level, and we do the same for them. The people who cross your path and provide activation codes for you will come in all forms, and none of the connections are a mistake! It’s all about the experience!


This layer being lifted now will bring in clarity and perhaps even a call to work with someone. If you’ve ever blamed money for not being able to sign up for that program, or work with that mentor you really want to work with, well, get ready for the freedom to say YES! 

I pulled a Crystal Magic card, number 21, which breaks down to 3. The power of three. The trinity. The messages coming to me lately have been around a trinity, the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, and then the energy of the Union. It brought more energy of a new beginning, taking what we’ve been creating and crystalizing it into our reality, bringing this collective blossoming. We truly are the crystalline grid that is anchoring into Gaia now, and that grid is activating, bringing us fully into our purpose, the things that bring us joy, fulfillment, that feed our souls. 

Following your soul’s path is becoming the new normal as we release the old “work hard for everything you want,” and, “life is supposed to suck, get used to it” energetic matrix programming. We have transcended these outdated beliefs! The lingering shadows of these beliefs are breaking down, and cannot survive in our new frequency. 

The well-worn habit loops in our brain are being rewired now. We are creating new pathways around the way we live our lives, and thereby creating a whole new experience on our planet. We will no longer be able to default to the old highways, the old programs. The energy of this change is visceral! The new frequency is barrelling down the hill like a boulder, and nothing can stop it or escape its impact! 


As my birthday approaches this month, I am reminded of my own power and ability to manifest the things that make me happy. As big changes terraform our world, we will all be asked to do the same.


You are the Cosmic Creatrix of your reality! The time is coming to claim your power and receive all the abundance you deserve to build the life you’ve always wanted!


Have a great month!


P.S.  Get all the behind the scenes book launch updates by joining the Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess VIP book launch community on Facebook HERE.


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