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April 2024 Energy Update

Welcome to your April Energy Update!

But first…

I can’t tell you how excited I am to launch my book, “Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess: Navigating Spiritual Awakening & Kundalini Energy” in just a few weeks! This book is an outpouring of my soul’s work, the manifestation of my life’s purpose thus far, and on April 28th (put it on your calendar!), I will be able to share it with the WORLD!

I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, creating this book molecule by molecule, and now it is fully formed and ready to be born! I’m so ready to get this baby out there!

On April 28th, I’ll be hosting a LIVE online launch party, so be on the lookout for more information, i.e., announcements and FB events, as the day gets closer. Join my book launch FB group here to get all the deets:

I’d be honored if you SHARED this with anyone and everyone you know who is on their awakening journey, and please, please, please, JOIN ME on April 28th!

I also want to announce that I’m looking into creating these monthly energy update videos as part of a larger podcast, so look for more news on that as well!

Now, let’s dig into the April energy…

Immediately, I realized how interesting it was that the Lunar Eclipse, Easter Sunday, and the upcoming Solar Eclipse were perfectly lined up with one another. The Lunar Eclipse brought death (of the old), with Easter ushering in the Solar Eclipse and the energy of rebirth. Have you noticed this energy in your own life? Are you noticing things that used to work just aren’t anymore? This is because you aren’t at the same frequency you were, a year, a month, even just a week ago.

I knew the messages I received were authentic, because my face started itching! Anyone else have a “tell” when they’re super TUNED IN?

ABUNDANCE, primarily financial, came strong as an overall energy for the month, and, if you remember, Wendy and I were talking about breakthroughs in abundance coming in April during our March video, too. I’ve already been seeing this shift in my own life, and I hope you are, too. If not, don’t despair, it’s coming!

In short, there’s a different way of doing things, and we’re figuring it out! A different frequency creates a different experience, and different ways of allowing in the abundance that is already ours.

The Angels of Abundance deck brought a message of abundance MINDSET, and reminds us to FEEL the energy of abundance NOW, because thinking of it as something that will come to you in the future always keeps it a day away. 

Notice what’s showing up in our external reality lately: inflation and many people drastically shifting career paths, bringing more anxiety around money than ever before. This has put us in the energy of scarcity and fear around not having what we need to survive, which blocks our abundance. The collective mindset is shifting out of that lack this month (yay!), as we realize we don’t need to sink into that illusion anymore. No matter what others may be creating, or what we perceive the world to be experiencing, we can untangle from it and create our own abundance!

The second theme for April is RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS. A lot is shifting around this, and it is bringing with it opportunities for deeper conversations, as well as the release of those who are no longer serving us. Although this is happening with relationships across the board, the focus for many people right now is romantic partnerships, and this is for a reason. 

There is always a higher level of relationship available to us, and as we uplevel, it becomes more and more prevalent to seek partnerships that match our always rising frequency. Sometimes, that simply cannot happen with the people already in our lives, and then it becomes necessary to shift that dynamic, or let go of them completely. Being open and brave enough to ask for what you want in relationships is vital right now.


I recommend spending some time meditating and getting very clear on what you truly desire in all of your relationships, even writing it down. When we begin to realize a relationship needs to shift, or end, we avoid the conversation because it can bring up shame. What would happen if you simply allowed yourself to want what you want? What kind of conversations would that open up for you?

Another message that came through on the wings of my butterfly deck was a new exercise program! Very specific! But how is this connected to the ebb and flow of relationships? Moving the body in new ways opens up your energy in new ways, shaking loose anything that might be stuck, and allows expansion in every area of your life. Everything we do is connected.

My fave Gaia deck brought a message of BREAKTHROUGHS. Sometimes, we perceive our path forward with blinders on, unwilling to see anything beyond the veil, and when we can release those limitations, we see the world through new eyes, allowing for the next breakthrough to come! 

April brings major breakthroughs, downloads, new ideas, rebirth, and expansion! Ancient calendars used to show April as the true new year, and that definitely fits with the energy of Spring. When you add the energy of TWO eclipses, we are really being pushed to take those blinders off for good, in all areas of our lives, especially in relationships!

When you’re able to see the truth of a situation, it can be intense, because once you see it, it can’t be unseen, but being grateful for the new clarity will inevitably catapult you forward.  Remember, everything is happening FOR you, not TO you!

As my wise friend, John, said during this live, “Being open for the unexpected will allow you to see beyond the veil you have placed on yourself!” Well said, John!

Looking back at the card I’d pulled, I noticed the woman on the card had a butterfly on her throat chakra, bringing us back to the message of being honest and clear on what you want, having those critical conversations, as well as to move in new ways. And her Third Eye was lit up, doubling down on removing the blinders so we can truly see. Everything is connected. 

An image came to me of a sword…the Sword of Truth shining brightly!

The faeries showed me a message of sensuality and connection, something I work with and help my clients with every day. It’s about a beingness in the physical body. We are being invited to connect with our bodies, and remember, we’ve already been guided to move the body in new ways! 

In my journey, I’ve done a lot of soul traveling, where I was leaving my body, and it was beautiful. But then I moved into embodiment, focusing on being Spirit in the body, and experienced opening up that energetic chalice, the true Holy Grail. Opening up to that higher level of Source energy allows you to become a flowing fountain, and your body anchors that, and it’s amazing, it’s juicy, it’s a sensual experience! This is my work, helping people connect with that, and I love this message.

We are all being invited to connect with that chalice, that fountain, that Holy Grail in April. You ARE all of these things, and your physical body has all the “technology” you need to open up to this, using all of your senses! We’re releasing any numbness we’ve taken on around being in the physical body.

Wrapping up our update, the message of STILLNESS came through from the Angels. It reminded me of that moment before rebirth, and as we prepare for the Solar Eclipse on April 7th/8th, we are totally in this stillness energy right now! Do you feel like you’re in the void space? I know I do. We’re bringing everything inward before this expansion comes, preparing for the unfurling. It’s important to allow yourself to rest in this stillness. During this integration period, you can connect to your body on a deeper level, connect to your sensuality, your pleasure, your senses, your desires. This brings back that message of getting clear on what you really want in your life, and from others. 


We can’t have expansion without first having stillness. 

If you’re not quite ready to come out of hibernation yet, it’s okay. You will be. The rebirth is coming. It may not happen on the day of the eclipse, but the energy is pushing us to our rebirth!

Whew! April is going to be amazing! Get ready for Abundance, Relationships shifting, breakthroughs, and (finally) coming out of the stillness we’ve been in for a very long time! 

But wait! There’s more!

Before I sign off, I want to make sure you join my book launch FB group, so you don’t miss anything leading up to the LIVE launch! Click below to join!

Put April 28th on your calendars, because the ebook will only be 99 cents for the first 24 hours, and the paperback will be super affordable (still playing with numbers), too! Be one of the first to get your hands on a copy of “Creation Codes, Rise of the Goddess: Navigating Spiritual Awakening & Kundalini Energy!”

Thank you so much for all of your support! My “pregnancy” journey to becoming an author has been at least six years in the making, and I’ve never been more excited to give birth! (Okay, my two beautiful kids might beat this, but…😉)

Have a great April!

P.S. Here is an ultrasound pic of my "baby."


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