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May 2024 Energy Reading & All the Things!

The theme for May is…FAST MOVING ENERGY!


Before I get into it, I wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all your support during my book launch for, “Creation Codes: Rise of the Goddess!” It rose to BEST SELLER in three different categories in the U.S. on Amazon, and I am beyond grateful! It was so much work to get to this point, but it takes a village to create something magical and share it with the world, and I want to thank you for being part of my village!




If you didn’t know, I was interviewed about the book on the radio show, “Voice America, A View Through the Veil"with Barb Crowley!


Now, back to the May energy report! I just want to start by saying, GET READY! 


If you’ve been waiting for something to happen, well, here it comes! As always, this is a collective reading, so take what resonates, and leave the rest. Also, the messages YOU receive from any of the cards or messages I mention are just as valid for you on your journey. Pay attention to your own intuition! (In fact, that’s one of the main themes for this month!)


Prepare yourself for things coming in fast, and give yourself some space to receive the UNEXPECTED beautiful surprises that May will bring. March and April were months of stillness and finishing up deep healing, so this month brings CLARITY around your next steps. Anything you might have had on hold will begin to move now! (Can I get a “Hell, yeah!”)


I broke this update into four categories, Money/Time/Resources; Career/Vocation; Well-being; and Relationships. 


Let’s start with Money/Time/Resources:


“You are GIFTED!” You are intelligent and talented, and have what it takes to create all of the resources that you want. Getting very clear and ASKING is the key right now! The portal of manifestation that May is bringing is very powerful due to this high-speed energy! It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “God Speed!” 😉


If you’ve been wondering why you don’t already have something you desire, did you forget to ASK for it? We all do this! We get wrapped up in the healing journey and forget that all we have to do is ask, so make sure you are ASKING the Universe. Remember, the only limits are within you and what you’re willing to receive. 


We can go into fear of asking and then not getting it, or being afraid to ask because we know (on some level) that we will have to grow in order to receive the thing we want, which sounds hard. But, ignoring or resisting divine guidance is a harder path, I promise! The energy of May is telling you that you have everything you need, that you are fully capable of doing the big things, that it doesn’t have to be hard, and YOU ARE READY!


Listen to the inspired actions as they’re coming in. Recognize your own gifts, and know that if you’re being led down a certain path, that you have all the qualifications to succeed on that path. We can easily forget where our gifts lie during this challenging journey. Hand Analysis really helped me to see my gifts. Most of us have people in our lives to remind us what we’re good at, too, as others tend to be able to see them more clearly than we can. Make sure you’re reminding the people in your life of their gifts! And remember, everything you want already exists, and is yours for the ASKING. So, ASK, ASK, ASK for what you want this month!


Let’s move onto Career/Vocation:


“What is your artistry?”


This connects beautifully to the previous message of not being able to see our own gifts clearly. We sometimes think, “I’m not an artist, because I’m not a painter, or a singer…” What if you broke out of those boxes, and decided that YOU ARE THE ARTIST OF YOUR LIFE? What is the one thing that you do better than anyone else? What if you made THAT your career? What if THAT is your canvas to paint as you want?


What if you just ALLOWED yourself to create a career or vocation around your gifts and passions? This is not only possible, it is quite literally your gift to the world. 


I had a calling to bring the Creation Codes Rise of the Goddess into the world. It was a huge “art project” for me, to not just write the book, but put it out there for everyone to see. To become a writer was a dream of mine, but I used to think I may never realize it, because it was such a different world to step into, but now I’ve done it and it feels so good! That’s what it feels like to follow your gifts!


What is that art project for you? Something that is always hovering, that you’ve put on the back burner because you don’t think it will ever happen. It could be anything. May is about stepping into that seemingly scary world of realizing your biggest dreams and making them come true!


Now, let’s tune into Well-being:


“Intuitive Communication!” No one knows better what you need for well-being than you. You can get advice from “experts,” but only you know what is best for you. What does your body want to eat, how does it want to move? If you’ve had a physical concern come up, listen to your intuition. Experts are great, but make sure you do what is truly best for you. 


Get outside, take walks, listen for the quiet whispers of Spirit. It’s so much easier to hear the shouting of ego, but it takes the solitude of nature to silence it and allow our intuition to speak to us. Finding solace in nature is good for every aspect of our well-being, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.


Connecting this to the first two messages, this makes total sense! We need to make space for this faster-moving energy coming in! Insights will be dropping in, clarity will be dropping in, even people for projects or partnerships are coming in May. It’s all happening FAST, so when things speed up, we need extra space for things to flow! Take time off, if possible, do what you can to make this space. Seek out stillness in nature. Self-care has never been more necessary.


Let’s move onto Relationships:


I was drawn to my new Mystique of the Magdalene cards for this one, a gorgeous deck by Cheryl Yambrach Rose, and the vibe of this deck is so high, I could barely hold onto it! (I dropped it on the floor…😂) And, Mary was so excited to bring us messages. The guides were definitely coming through strong! It’s a thing!


The card that revealed itself was #17, “Love Light: Recognition,” and it shows Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, foreheads touching, eyes closed, hands clasped. I could FEEL the intimacy of a divine romantic relationship, but remember, all relationships are a reflection of our own love light within, and recognizing yourself within another person. We are all ONE.


But I can’t deny the main message of this card. If this resonates for you, then you are destined to meet your soulmate, and you will know them instantly, as Mary Magdalene and Yeshua knew. They had a soul contract to come together, and their connection brought through their shared destiny. “When meeting and walking together, the light and fire of their souls would illuminate all those around them. The couple operated on a higher frequency, enhancing their combined polarities to make a complete and powerful alliance.” (Quote from the book, and…DAMN.)


Their connection emanated out to all of humanity! This is the power of divine couples coming together! The book went on to say that true soulmates will make eye contact, not divert their eyes. “Two aligned souls have perfect potential. They will lift each other and affect the energy field of those around them.” This is not just about Yeshua and Mary, but all of us.  


For those of you looking for your divine partner, May is coming through with this energy, but, make sure you are asking for what you want! If you’re not looking for that special someone, this also applies to non-romantic soulmates. Ask for the perfect business partners, the perfect soul family, the perfect clients. That deep soul connection in every aspect of your life can make all the difference. It’s so important to me to have a truly divine connection to everyone I surround myself with, which is something that only becomes more and more important as time goes on.


So, let’s wrap all this up in a nice, neat bow…


May is bringing a deep acceptance of who you are and what your gifts are, of finally getting off the ledge and owning your talents! Get on that stage and showcase the things that make you YOU, because remember, there are people out there who need your unique gifts! 


To quote a meme I saw last week, “I’m going to keep helping people in my life, because of all the people who helped me.” Use this as your motivation to help others! How can you bring your gifts forward this month? No one else can do what you came here to do, because no one else has the exact same talents, experience, perspective, gifts and message that you have. 


As you're giving yourself space, listening to the whispers of your intuition, opening yourself up to receive and allowing clarity to come in, ask for the things you want. Ask for financial abundance; ask to be reminded of your gifts; ask for total well-being, body, mind and spirit; and ask for that divine partner to come in, and the Universe will show you the way! Will it be EASY? Heck, no, but it shouldn’t be HARD. It should be challenging and rewarding, and if it’s not, then reassess where you’re headed with that newfound clarity. It’s time. 


Spring Announcements!


For those of you wanting the perfect companion to the book, check out my online course, “Goddess Codes, It contains everything that was in my live course, “Goddess Rising” that I ran it live last year (it was originally $2500 so you can now get it at 88% off from the original price), it includes all the videos, guided journeys, and all the sound activations for divine feminine embodiment!


But wait. There’s more!


If you’re looking to be part of a community of women who are embodying the goddess on a daily basis, join my new MEMBERSHIP.


It’s called, “The Goddess Society,” and, if you join, you will get the “Goddess Codes” course for FREE!


There are 3 main reasons that I felt called to create The Goddess Society for women:


  1. Women need community for their wellbeing. It’s no secret that when women get together, our individual and collective intuition expands exponentially, we become more psychic, more in tune, and so much more powerful!

  2. When we set the intention to manifest as a community of women, we not only manifest faster, we bring things to reality that we never thought possible! (My mind has been blown by what my clients manifest in these containers time and time again.)

  3. I wanted to create a community for women to consistently have a place to reconnect with the Divine Feminine. We live in a predominantly masculine world, and needing to navigate within that energy, we get pulled into that go-go-go, do-do-do mentality, and we need a safe space to BE in our feminine. 


Women are already signing up, and meetings will begin the end of May! 


To find out more about both of the options: course on it's own or membership/with the course free, click here:

If this resonates, I can't wait to welcome you into the community!

Wishing you a great May!


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