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Hand Analysis Services

Hand analysis can be done with anyone in any location!
Hand analysis packages are done with printed hand prints. Distance or in person meetings available.

Life Purpose Hand Analysis

Deep Dive Hand Analysis

Discover your life purpose, biggest obstacle and significant aspects of your personality with this life changing reading!

Your life purpose is right in your fingerprints!  Learn your life purpose, life lesson and life school.  Learn about your personality from your major lines, hand shape and how your personality is working with your life purpose. This package includes: One 75 minute reading and a written report detailing life purpose, life lesson, life school, and aspects of the personality from the hand shape. 

Add on to the Life Purpose Hand Analysis.  Discover your gift markings and how to use them to their highest potential to help you with your life purpose!

Gift markings are the special gifts that you have to share with the world. Gifts are very important because they want to be used to their highest potential and when they are not being used you can experience their downside or penalty.  Learn how to use your gifts to work with your life purpose!  You also receive a 75 minute reading and a written report detailing your gift markings. (This add on can be purchased within 6 months of a Life Purpose Hand Analysis.)

Get out of being stuck and start moving forward with your life! Discover your Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School, all Gift Markings and all Challenge Markings with this "Deep Dive" hand analysis package!


This package is for the person who wants to know it all! Discover your life purpose, life lesson, life school, gift markings, personality characteristics from your hand shape, major lines, minor lines and challenge markings. Get unstuck and get your life moving forward with this powerful three-reading "Deep Dive" into the hands. The package provides tools and strategies to work with relationship, career and life challenges so you can start living your life purpose. Package include three 75 minute readings. One written report detailing life purpose, life lesson, life school, gift markings and challenges. 

Discover Your Gifts!


Get on the path of your most fulfilling relationship with this couples reading! Discover your love style, relationship life purpose and greatest challenges as a couple.

This package includes an individual hand analysis for two people and one couple's reading. Discover the role couples play in their individual life purpose as well as their combined life purpose.  Learn about relationship obstacles and challenges. Each individual analysis comes with life purpose, life lesson, life school, heart-line relationship style, and personality from the hand shape. The analysis includes a written report for each person. One 75 minute reading for each individual person as well as one 75 minute couples reading is included. 3 total calls.

Relationship Hand Analysis

Add on to the Life Purpose Hand Analysis.  Discover your greatest challenges with this reading.

Sometimes we experience the same revolving door of challenges over and over again and we can't quite pin-point why.  Many times these challenges keep us off-purpose.  They can completely consume our lives!  This add-on will give you the clairity you seek in discovering what challenges you are experiencing and how to work with them to make them your strengths. Includes a written report detailing challenges and a 75 minute call. (This add on can be purchased within 6 months of a Life Purpose Hand Analysis.)

Greatest Challenges


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