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 Hand Analysis 

What is Life Purpose

Hand Analysis?

With the science of Hand Analysis, learning your Life Purpose and your blind spots is easier than ever. This method allows people to gain insight and self-awareness. It allows people to create a fulfilling life, find deeper meaning, and open to the joy that comes from being your true-self.


How does it work?

Your fingerprints contain your Soul Psychology; your life purpose, life lesson and life school. Your fingerprints never change throughout your life. The lines on the palm are changeable, they are a recording of your habits, abilities, desires and talents. They are formed by the brain and change as things happen or our thinking and habits change.  They are the map of our past and our current life situation. They show areas of great strength and talent, and the lines also show areas of challenge. Having this information is so powerful because it allows you to gain awareness around patterns that hold you back and helps change your thinking so you can take a different course of action in any area of your life. It also allows you to fully understand your gifts and how to best use them to assist you with your life purpose.

Life Purpose:

This is where you will find your most joy and fulfillment. 


Life School:

This is the lens through which you see the world.  It is the energy flavor of your life.  


Life Lesson: 

Your life lesson is your biggest challenge.  It's important to focus on your life lesson because it can provide the greatest resistance. 


Gift Markings:

Gift markings are the special gifts and talents that you have to share with the world. They want to be used to their highest potential in your lifetime.  Gifts are very important because when they are not being used to their potential you can experience their lesson or penalty.


How to get your own personalized reading:

Click on the Hand Analysis Packages button to chose your package. Readings are done with printed hand prints. Once you purchase your personalized reading package your hand-printing kit is shipped within 24 hours. Once you complete the printing process you scan or mail your hand-prints using the directions provided in your kit. Once your hand prints are received Angie will contact you to schedule your reading. 

What people are saying...

"My vision for the next half of my life couldn't be any clearer!  If you're stuck or need a little guidance,  contact Angie now! You won't regret it!"

-Malisa Miller Eakins

"Simply through hand analysis alone, Angie was able to confirm that I am on the right life path & aligned to my life purpose."

-Jess Bonasso, Burn-out Rescue Coach

"I have a whole new way of thinking now as I an tackling tasks and going through my day. I’m much more confident now and heading in the right direction. Thank you Angie!"

Katie Warnke, Photographer  

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