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We see you! You have been on an intense healing journey, especially in the last three years. You have gone into the depths of your soul and healed so much.  

Things might look the same but FEEL very different, and you can't really put your finger on it, but you might be questioning everything.

You might even be feeling like you are being held back by the Universe, stuck on a plateau or that there is something you're missing.

You know you are ready to for your next level experience because you can feel it stirring in your heart, but the vision isn't crystal clear yet​. You're not sure what direction to go to move forward into your greater purpose.


You are not alone!

 It's YOUR time amazing Goddess!

It's time to release attachments to the old ways and

expand into your Goddess self...

 Join Erin & Angie in Sedona for a

The Goddess Experience Retreat

in Sedona, AZ

Sept 20-23, 2023

Erin's retreats are totally magical. She met me where I was and facilitated a shift in me and in my life where i now allowed myself to be loveable and playful.  Her retreats have a flow - with class time, down time, experiential time. there is a lot of opportunity for group and individual support from Erin and the other women.   Erin is a true Goddess Sister.  Just sign up, you will not regret it!!

Your life has changed in the last three years, but have you noticed it has felt like two steps forward and one step back?

It could show up as you doing the same old things over and over expecting a new results, holding on to what used to be and not trusting the Universe to show you the new ways.

Not to mention, you might be holding onto fears that keep you from expanding into the pleasure of this amazing new experience ...

You know there’s so much more for you, you’ve been asking the Universe to show you the path…and this is it.

This is the retreat where Erin and Angie will assist you to expand into your Goddess Experience so you can allow in more ease, pleasure, juiciness, bliss,

self-love, purpose, possibility and joy into your life.

No more frustration of being stuck in the old ways!

It’s time to surrender to the new you -- it's time for you to elevate into your juicy alive sovereignty and embody your Goddess Experience!!

When you join us, you will:

  • Enjoy a blissful retreat setting with gorgeous views of the mountains of Sedona

  • Goddess ceremonies and experiences to amplify the powerful energies of the fall equinox

  • Experience deep relaxation, rejuvenation and soul connection with a group of Goddess soul sisters

  • Relax and release what no longer serves you with Restorative Yoga and other movement practices

  • Experience blissful holographic sound healings with crystal bowls to harmonize your energy

  • Embody your Goddess Frequency

  • Clear energetic blocks on all levels to your desires 

  • Reclaim your pleasure and joy!

Expansion includes:

  • Exploring with yourself about what you truly desire

  • Release the fear and unworthiness of allowing in greater pleasure into your life

  • Breakthrough the major barriers of resistance to allowing greater levels of love and self-love into your life

  • Release the old ways of doing things and the past versions of yourself that are holding you back from fully embracing the new you and your new experience

  • Receive and embody powerful Divine Feminine activations 

  • Step into a higher level of joy of life, love and self love

  • Other surprises!

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"With every frequency angie channeled I could feel my chakras opening.I felt my root chakra burst open. I immediately felt lighter and knew I had experienced a very deep healing."

This retreat is for you if...

  • You are a woman who is need of reconnection to your Goddess essence surrounded by nature

  • You know that the old ways of doing things are not working, yet you are still afraid to let them go

  • You are ready to be reinspired by a magical experience

  • Your wondering if something is blocking you to allowing greater love and pleasure in your life

  • You sometimes struggle to receive support from others

  • You don't always trust yourself or the Universe

  • Past heartbreaks have caused you to protect your heart

  • You have deep fears around stepping into your full potential 

  • You desire more flow, abundance, ease, pleasure, freedom and creativity in your relationships and work

  • You are ready, and you know it’s time to embrace your new path

  • You are ready to reconnect with yourself & expand into your Goddess Experience


Goddess Experience Retreat in Sedona

Image by Gautier Salles

what's included?

  • Gorgeous retreat space for relaxation and gatherings set in Sedona, AZ

  • Relaxing restorative yoga and movement to release what no longer serves you and bring you into alignment with your Goddess self

  • Blissful holographic sound healing and crystal bowls to balance your energetic field and raise your vibration

  • Guided journeys

  • Powerful intention setting processes

  • Ceremonies

  • Flow time

  • Snacks, beverages and Friday dinner

Image by Levi Guzman

retreat activities...

  • Discover and connect with the Goddess working with you

  • Restorative yoga

  • Holographic Sound Healing

  • Vortex Healing

  • Create your own Goddess oracle card

  • Journaling

  • Goddess Ceremony

  • Intention setting 

  • Flow Time

  • One Group Dinner

  • Creative Project

  • Guided Meditation

  • Circle Time

  • Dancing

  • Burning what no longer serves


  • Self- Love Goddess: Thursday

  • Wild Goddess: Friday

  • Pleasure Goddess: Saturday

not included...

  • Transportation to and from Sedona

  • Nightly accommodations

  • Most meals

retrea details
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Retreat Investment 



The Goddess Experience Retreat

(Best Pricing - saves $100 compared to payment plan option)

First Payment



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(This payment holds your space, remaining balance of $850 due by Sept 8th )

Space is limited! Sign up ends August 31st 2023.

Image by Aram Grigoryan

Erin’s energy is contagious and her passion and knowledge blew open my mind (and yoni!) to all sorts of delightful possibilities. Working with her is like gently catapulting into a quantum leap of the next best version of yourself. Highly recommend!

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About Angie Kay

Angie is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Holographic Sound Healer and Certified Life Purpose Hand Analyst.  She is also an intuitive who works with and teaches the Akashic Records.

She uses frequency tools, holographic sound vocal toning, crystal singing bowls, the akashic records, Goddesses and Ascended Masters to create a space for your Divine Feminine to flourish.

Angie is passionate about helping women who have a deeper calling. They sense there is so much more for them, but they are feeling frustrated with their lives or stuck in the same repeating cycles.  She helps women who are searching for deeper meaning begin down the exciting path of listening to their soul calling and freeing themselves of the fear and resistance that is holding them back.



About Erin Berry Bliss

Erin Berry is a certified Love, Sex, & Relationship coach, energy healer, retreat leader, and yoga instructor. She considers herself a Soul Midwife as her divine purpose in life is to help bring you back home to your true essence and original wholeness.


She helps you get your relationships unstuck by first helping you create a relationship with your most authentic self.  She can help you reclaim balance in your life – mind, body and soul – and step back into bliss where you belong.



Her personal journey to her authentic self has been (and is) a deep process of self-love and acceptance. She would love to show you the way, as bliss, joy, and pleasure are your birthright.

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welcome to the goddess experience

Sedona, Arizona, USA at Red Rock State Park..jpg

"Angie always attracts beautiful souls into her events. not only will you enjoy the content, you will be a part of amazing heart centered people. Everyone cheers each other on."

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