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Hi Beautiful Soul! It's time...

We see you! You know you are ready to expand into a whole new chapter of your life​. But do you ever notice that when you take steps toward your new and exciting direction, busy-ness, fear and doubt creep in and keep you from moving forward?

You know you are ready to say YES to your full potential (and you know you’ve been playing too small up until now)​. You know you are the one standing in your own way, and it’s time to commit to your next level.

 It's time to bloom amazing soul sister!

Clear the way and step into your next chapter...

 Join Bree & Angie in Buena Vista for a

High Heart Activation and Expansion Retreat (at 8,000 feet!) 

April 21st - 23rd.


"With every frequency angie channeled I could feel my chakras opening.
I felt my root chakra burst open. I immediately felt lighter and knew I had experienced a very deep healing."

You have felt the call to move in a new direction and start to take steps forward and suddenly the resistance sets in and you find yourself stuck.

It could show up as the busy-ness of life, work or family, creating a lack of time and resources.

Not to mention, you might be holding onto fears that keep you from stepping forward with confidence ...

You know there’s so much more for you, you’ve been asking the Universe to show you the path…and this is it.

This is THE RETREAT where Bree and Angie will assist you to expand your high heart so you can align with your soul-calling, connect to your higher self, confidently say yes to your new direction, speak your truth and follow your joy!

No more resistance, shutting down or getting in your own way! 

It’s time to surrender to the new you -- time for you to activate your high heart and allow in your limitless potential!!

When you join us, you will:

  • Enjoy a beautiful retreat setting with 360 degree views of the mountains of Buena Vista

  • Experience deep relaxation, rejuvenation and soul connection with a group of soul sisters

  • Experience blissful sound healings with crystal bowls and vocal toning by Angie

  • Energy healing to balance and raise your vibration

  • Shift your consciousness with an Akashic Records Journey

  • Soulful meditations with Bree

  • Intention setting processes

  • Step into a higher level of love and self-love

Expansion includes:

  • Getting honest with yourself about what you want for next chapter of your life

  • Release the fear and oppression of speaking your truth

  • Breakthrough the major barriers to following your soul calling, self-worth, fear of success and fear of failure

  • Heal and expand your heart and throat chakra to experience new levels of living your truth

  • Release past versions of yourself that are holding you back from fully embracing the new you

  • Receive powerful high heart activations right around the solar eclipse 

  • Other surprises!

Image by Benjamin Voros

"I worked with Bree when I was going through a tough time. It felt like nothing was going right in my life. I was able to surrender and became calm with Bree’s support. Everything worked out perfectly and seamlessly! The internal conflict was gone and the situation resolved!"  

This retreat is for you if...

  • You are a woman who is need of rest and rejuvenation surrounded by nature

  • You are ready to expand into a new chapter in your life

  • You know you have resistance and blocks to committing to your soul calling

  • You sometimes struggle speaking your truth

  • You don't always trust yourself

  • Past heartbreaks have caused you to protect your heart

  • You have deep fears around stepping into your full potential 

  • You desire more flow, abundance, ease, pleasure, freedom and creativity in your life and work

  • You are ready, and you know it’s time to embrace your new path

retrea details

High Heart Expansion Retreat 2023

Sunrise silhouette of 10 young women walking hand in hand..jpg

what's included?

  • Gorgeous retreat space for relaxation and gatherings set in Buena Vista, CO

  • Blissful sound healing to balance your energetic field and release what no longer serves you

  • Akashic Records Journey to shift your consciousness 

  • Creative project, Soul Calling Card

  • Powerful intention setting processes

  • Energy healings to balance your system and raise your vibration

  • Time for meditation, community, connection and reflection 

  • Snacks, beverages and Saturday lunch

Bree and Angie.jpg

retreat schedule...

  • Friday April 21st 6:30 - 9 pm MST, opening circle, intention setting and guided journey

  • Saturday 9:30am - 4:00pm meet at the retreat space for a full day. Activities include energy healing, holographic sound healing, meditation, lunch and soul sister connection

  • Sunday 9:30 to noon, meet at the retreat space for sound healing, takeaways and closing ceremony

not included...

  • Transportation to and from Buena Vista

  • Nightly accommodations

  • Some meals

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High Heart Expansion Retreat

AKM - Brand Style Sheet (18).png

early bird $397

(when you use code BV100 at checkout before 3/31/23)


(Sign up ends 4/4/23)

Cancellation policy: Participant cancellations will not be eligible for a refund. The registrant has the option of (1) substituting another person to attend, or (2) apply the credit balance toward a course, retreat or service within the following 30 days. Service credit will not be available to registrants who do not give advance notice of cancellation and who do not show up at the event. In the event Sacred Sisters LLC and Angie Kay Soul Led Living LLC must cancel the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances, the cost of your retreat registration fee ($397 or $497) will be refunded. Examples of such circumstances can include, but are not limited to, inclement weather or other natural disasters, site unavailability, and presenter absence.


"Angie always attracts beautiful souls into her courses, so not only will you enjoy the meetings, you will also be a part of amazing heart centered people. Everyone cheers each other on."

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AKM - Brand Style Sheet (14).png

About Angie Kay

In 2015 Angie Kraft-Meldahl found herself in a full blown crisis of meaning where she began re-evaluating everything in her life. She had spent 17 years in the corporate world and suddenly she craved a dramatically different path, one with deep meaning and purpose.  At that point she started to search for the direction she was desiring. Her life began to transform with deeper meaning as she began her journey of self-discovery with the tools of Life Purpose Hand Analysis and the Akashic records and Holographic Sound Healing.

Now Angie is passionate about helping women who know there is so much more for them, but they are feeling frustrated with their lives or stuck in the same repeating cycles.  She helps women who are searching for deeper meaning begin down their joyful path of following to their soul calling and free themselves of the fear and resistance that is holding them back.

Angie is a  Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Intuitive Coach, Certified Holographic Sound Healer and Certified Life Purpose Hand Analyst.  She is also an intuitive who uses the Akashic Records, Energy Medicine and Reiki in her work.

About Bree Steldt

Bree Steldt is the Founder of Sacred Sisters, a divine container for female spiritual unfoldment. Bree has been trained as a holistic nurse, prayer practitioner, postpartum doula (CAPPA), Arvigo Techniques of Abdominal Massage (ATMAT) practitioner, herbalist, Reiki and Reconnective Healing practitioner.  


Bree believes love as universal connection is at the heart of every interaction. She brings blessings to others through her practical wisdom and deep listening while allowing space for clients to find their innate calling.


Each session with her is tailored to the clients needs at that time. Drawing upon her extensive background, she may use prayer, energy, magick, sound, natural objects or plants to facilitate the client’s healing. Bree holds the space for each person to expand and transform into their true heart desires.

Headshot Bree Steldt (1).jpg
AKM - Brand Style Sheet (14).png
Image by Aperture Vintage

welcome to your next chapter!

Image by Meghsha Karki

"I can attest to Bree's talent and skill to bring forward functional alignment through the auric transmission of healing.  Through her services as a folk healer, Bree has increased my creativity and meditation skills to ever higher levels!"

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