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We see you gorgeous,

You've been focused on your kids, work, business or partner for years and have lost touch with the real you; your wild feminine essence, your inspiration, passion, sensuality, spiciness and creative self-expression. 

​You have a deep desire to do things differently in this phase of your life, but you feel exhausted, stuck and you don't know where to begin.

You have been so busy taking care of everyone else's needs that you have lost touch with your deepest desires.

You might even be resisting moving forward because you’re afraid of

what it will look like. ​

​It could even show up as feeling frustration, sadness or loss as if you are missing a piece of yourself and you are ready to find her.


You know you are ready for your next level experience because you can feel it stirring in your heart, but the vision isn't crystal clear yet​. 

You've been asking the Universe for direction so you can move forward into your greater purpose and freedom…

 Your time has arrived, amazing Goddess - This is the YEAR of YOU!

It's time to release attachments to the way we have been taught to show up as women and expand into the wholeness of your feminine nature.

It's time to embody your CREATRIX.

 Join Erin & Angie for


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Erin & Angie provide a safe space for women to take off the masks and explore all that it means to embody your divine feminine essence;

your goddess archetypes, your wild feminine nature,

your sexuality and sensuality,

your creatrix  -  Your authentic self. 


You are entering a different phase of life now and you can feel the pull, but you can't see the bridge between where you are and where you want to be. ​

It could show up as feeling disconnected from the fullness of your life or that something is missing and you are not sure what that looks like. ​

You want to get to know yourself again, reconnect and nurture yourself with your true desires and passions. 

You are ready to accept & EXPRESS yourself fully.​

You KNOW there’s so much more for you, you’ve been asking the Universe to show you the path…and this is it.​

This is the program where Erin and Angie will assist you to expand into your

CREATRIX so you can allow in more creativity, flow, pleasure, juiciness, bliss,

self-love, purpose, possibility and joy into your life.

It’s time to surrender to the new you -- step fully into your

Feminine Nature!

(Without feeling guilt or fear of losing control of your life!)

When you join us, you will:

  • Be held in a safe space for you to let loose, be seen, heard and understood - ALL of you is welcome here

  • Experience a community of high-vibe, growth-minded women

  • Clear the blocks to your creative potential so you can unleash your CREATRIX

  • Learn a framework for connecting to and experiencing the full spectrum of your desires. 

  • Reclaim your buried inner feminine radiance

  • Fully actualize your life experiences into your fullest expression

  • Move out of survival mode and push mode into thriving so you can relax and receive

  • Feel safe to embody so you are free to express all aspects of your divine feminine nature and tap into your sensual side again

  • Connect with the real reason you are here and tap into the legacy you are sharing as a Divine feminine leader

  • Reclaim your pleasure, joy and aliveness!

  • Release patriarchal fear and oppression of the feminine from your conditioning and ancestral line

Expansion includes:

  • Breakthrough the major barriers to your next level creative expression, relationships, success, self-worth, fear of failure/fear of success, fear of rejection and receiving money

  • A safe space to explore with yourself about what you truly desire for the next phase of your life

  • Create a deeper connection, embodiment and understanding of the Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies

  • Rewire your nervous system for thriving, pleasure and safety

  • Release the fear and unworthiness of allowing in greater pleasure into your life

  • Receive and embody powerful Divine Feminine activations 

  • Kundalini activations

  • Release energetic blocks, guilt and shame around following your true desires

  • Interactive guidance to help you embody the feminine 

  • Step into a higher level of joy of life, love, self-trust and self love

  • Fully accept yourself and your unique journey

  • Learn to operate from your feminine and also be successful at the same time

  • Other surprises!

In a Lavender Field

This experience with angie & erin was a step out of my comfort zone, but I am SO GLAD I made the leap! It was lifechanging, and the bonds I've formed with the other women are deep and divine. I can't wait to do another one!

"I feel like I lost 20 pounds of old spiritual weight. If you want to catapult your growth, ascend to a higher level of existence, shed the last of your barriers work with Angie and Erin!"

This program is for you if...

  • You have been taking care of everyone else for years and you want to get to know yourself again and reconnect with your passion 

  • You are ready to fall in love with life again

  • You have spent years in overly masculine push energy to “get it all done” and you desire more balance and the soft flowing energies of the feminine 

  • You know that the old ways of doing things are not working, but you have no idea how to do it differently

  • You are an ultra-independent woman who struggles to ask and receive support from others

  • You have protected your heart because it hasn't felt safe to open to deeper connections in your relationships

  • You have deep fear and resistance around stepping into your full divine feminine power and creative potential 

  • You desire more flow, abundance, ease, pleasure, freedom and creativity in your relationships and work

  • You long to unleash your full creative potential to see just how far you can go

  • You want to feel peace, contentment, empowered and confident like a queen

  • Things have changed to fast and you are trying to find a way to discover who you are in this new stage

  • You long to feel alive, fulfilled and on purpose


The Creatrix Program


what's included?

  • 15 meetings over zoom for a 5 month timeframe

  • With VIP option 4 private 1:1 sessions, 2 with Erin and 2 with Angie to use whenever you would like until 8.31.24.

  • Opening circle zoom meeting and intention setting begins on 3.6.24

  • Celebration and closing zoom ceremony July 24th

  • Meeting dates: March: 6th, 13th, 20th, April: 3rd, 10th, 17th, May: 1st, 8th, 15th 22nd June: 5th, 12th, 19th, July: 10th and 24th Final  Ceremony.

  • Meeting time 5:30pm MST, 75 min meeting

  • Ample group sharing time

  • Ongoing support via facebook group

  • Breakout session activities for sharing, connection and reflection

  • All group zoom sessions will be recorded

Also Includes Bonus:

  • Healy frequency targeting chakra system balancing, abundance creation and divine feminine embodiment. Sent 5 days a week for 30 minutes per day for the duration of the program ($55 a month value)

  • Guaranteed space for our 2024 Goddess Retreat (dates, location and pricing TBD)

  • Ongoing access to our course content on a course platform

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program ACTIVITIES...

  • Embodied Divine feminine teachings shared by Erin & Angie

  • Divinely channeled messages 

  • 5D chakra system activations

  • Holographic Sound Healing**

  • Vortex Healing

  • Being seen and accepted in a community of sister goddesses

  • Somatic processes to release blockages and alignment

  • Create your own Goddess oracle card project

  • Powerful process for intention setting

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Dancing, restorative yoga, breathwork, embodiment, pleasure practices

  • And SO MUCH MORE!!

**holographic sound process is created by Dr. Paul Hubbert

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Program Investment 


cart closes february 29th

The Creatrix Program

monthly pay subscription 



VIP Level



Program Investment 



VIP Package Includes:

Full Program PLUS 4 1:1 sessions, 2 with Erin and 2 with Angie⭐

(Session are around 75 minutes, sessions expire 8.31.24)

monthly pay 5 month subscription 


(5 month payment plan)

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Flower Field

"Angie always attracts beautiful souls into her events. not only will you enjoy the content, you will be a part of amazing heart centered women. Everyone cheers each other on."

Erin’s energy is contagious and her passion and knowledge blew open my mind (and yoni!) to all sorts of delightful possibilities. Working with her is like gently catapulting into a quantum leap of the next best version of yourself. Highly recommend!

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About Angie Kay

Angie is a Intuitive & Divine Feminine Embodiment Coach and retreat leader for Women & Female Entrepreneurs. She helps you Liberate your Inner Goddess.

Angie is certified in Life Purpose Hand Analysis, QSCA Law of Attraction Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, Energy Medicine and Holographic Sound Healing.

She uses frequency tools, holographic sound activations, crystal singing bowls,  her gifts of intuitive coaching, the Goddesses and Ascended Masters to create a space for your Divine Feminine to flourish.

Angie is passionate about helping women who have a deeper calling. They sense there is so much more for them, but they are feeling frustrated with their lives or stuck in the same repeating cycles.  She helps women who are searching for deeper meaning begin down the exciting path of listening to their soul calling and freeing themselves of the fear and resistance that is holding them back.



About Erin Berry Bliss

Erin Berry is a certified Love, Sex, & Relationship coach, energy healer, retreat leader, and yoga instructor. She considers herself a Soul Midwife as her divine purpose in life is to help bring you back home to your true essence and original wholeness.


She helps you get your relationships unstuck by first helping you create a relationship with your most authentic self.  She can help you reclaim balance in your life – mind, body and soul – and step back into bliss where you belong.



Her personal journey to her authentic self has been (and is) a deep process of self-love and acceptance. She would love to show you the way, as bliss, joy, and pleasure are your birthright.

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welcome to the creatrix program

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