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Business Services

Business Packages:

Life Purpose Hand Analysis for Business & Life

One 75 minute hand analysis reading calls and a written report featuring:

Soul Psychology: Life Purpose, Life Lesson, Life School and some aspects of the personality based

on hand shape.  Learn how to best integrate your soul psychology into your business!


Deep Dive Hand Analysis for Business

Three 75 minute hand analysis readings with written report

Reading includes: Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Life School, Personality Style, Relationship Style, Gift Markings & Challenge Markings.  You will learn how all of these elements of the personality and soul interact so you can start to incorporate all of yourself into your business to receive maximum joy and fulfillment. 

Business Partner Relationship Packages

Get on the path of your most successful business partnership!

Discover your relationship style, life purpose and greatest challenges as business partners.

This package includes an individual hand analysis for two people and one partner reading. Discover the role partner's play in their individual soul's purpose as well as their combined purpose.  Learn about relationship obstacles and challenges. Each individual analysis comes with life purpose, life lesson, life school, relationship style, and personality from the hand shape. The analysis includes a written report for each person. One 60 minute reading for each individual person as well as one 60 minute couples reading is included. Three total calls and two written reports.

Akashic Records for Business

The akashic records is fantastic resource for your business. Get crystal clear with your business direction and get to the root of any resistance in your subconscious mind that could be blocking you from creating the business of your dreams.  In this 75 minute reading Angie will help you gain ideas for any area of your business right from your akashic records, guides and your higher-self. 

Contact me to purchase or schedule your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session
regarding any Business Services.


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