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The Paradox of Pleasure

I was writing a report for a client who has a Venus fingerprint on their palm, and I felt inspired to share a few insights.

Venus symbolizes the Divine Feminine.

This Venus fingerprint is quite rare, and I enjoyed how the message about Venus, embodiment, and becoming a gifted lover of life came up in this report.

First, a little background on Venus...

In both fingerprints and astrology, Venus represents the Divine Feminine, characterized by receptivity, pleasure, luxury, love, and sensuality.

Many people struggle with Venus energy—one foot on the gas and one on the brake for pleasure. "Can I allow myself this much pleasure?"


Conditioning has taught many to suppress their heart's desires or "appetites." Men and women receive different societal messages about this. Because of this, people often choose the "safe path," ignoring the deep desires of their hearts.

However, suppressing our true desires and appetites can manifest in unhealthy ways, such as addiction, weight gain, and even depression.

Both men and women embody masculine and feminine energies, though they express them differently.

Having any Venus marking on the palm signifies that the person is on a journey of divine feminine embodiment (as well as divine masculine), with the most challenging aspects being related to the divine feminine: surrender, receptivity, nourishment, and pleasure.

Here's what I wrote in the report:

"It’s such a paradox being human. The human body is fragile and unpredictable. It's vulnerable to pain, injury, illness, and death.

This vulnerability is why many fear fully embodying their physical bodies. Yet, the body holds immense potential and pleasure. Being HU-man is all about the spirit residing in the body.

When you fully embody, your physical body begins to unlock all its hidden potential. Life starts to improve dramatically, and you become the embodied, walking, talking expression of Soul and the gifted lover of life.

You can always recognize a gifted lover of life by their eyes—they twinkle and shine."

This is why I love working with divine feminine embodiment. It was my struggle and also represents my greatest potential. I am intimately familiar with each aspect.

Hand analysis is an incredible tool that reveals your deeper truth, which is often hard to see about yourself. It's written right into your fingerprints, of course it is.

Even though not all of my coaching clients choose to receive hand analysis when they work with me in my programs, I am grateful to have been trained in this modality 9 years ago.

It allows me to understand the soul aspects, divine masculine and feminine energies, human behavior patterns, and the interplay between Soul and personality.

It's truly been invaluable!

Every time I circle back around to hand analysis, it's grounded and practical wisdom always blows my mind once again.


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