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June 2024 Energy Update

Updated: Jun 8

It's already June, which means (drumroll please...) it's time for the June energy update!!

I went live on Facebook May 31st and I did something new and fun to kick off this update.


I have found that a great way to receive quick messages and guidance is by using books you already own. I used my book, “Creation Codes: Rise of the Goddess,” for this exercise. 


If you haven’t gotten your copy of Creation Codes Rise of the Goddess, it’s on Amazon! Here’s the link:



The message I opened the book to was from, “Chapter 5: Awakening is a Healing Journey,” and it begins with a quote from Yoko Ono: “Healing yourself is connected with healing others.”


The first paragraph says: “Healing yourself heals the world. It has a ripple effect. Healed people heal others just by being because other people will align and heal by matching with their energy. Being called to your own healing and assisting others with their healing is usually a deep calling for people on an awakening journey.”


It goes on to say: “Healing happens on every level of your being; spiritual, emotional, energetic, physical, and mental. In its most simplified definition, healing means you are releasing heavier energies, becoming a lighter, higher vibration. Essentially, you are becoming more pure Source energy. As you become lighter, you feel better. Your entire system starts to enliven and more Source energy can flow through your channel.”


Interestingly, my friend Wendy did this same exercise with my book on her TikTok channel the other day, and turned to the same page and read the same message! You can’t ask for better confirmation than that!


Healing is essentially removing denser energy and replacing it with Source energy. You’re healing, you’re feeling lighter, you’re feeling more vibrant, your frequency is increasing and more things become possible in your reality. 



Everything you want to manifest in your experience just exists on a different frequency. As you heal, as you become a higher and higher vibration, you’re moving towards that which you are desiring to manifest. You’re simply raising your frequency to where it already exists, because whatever you’re asking for is already there, in another vibration. Make sense?



And it’s actually manifested TWICE, the first time when you think of it and ask for it, and the second time when you reach the vibration of it.



And so, what does this mean for June? It means that you've raised your vibration to a point where you're almost there, just one more little uptick in frequency and you're going to be seeing the reality that you've been asking for. It might come in baby steps or all of a sudden, but know that the work you've been putting in to raise your vibration is paying off! And with the Solstice coming up, you're really going to start to see some major shifts this month. It’s always a huge energetic portal, and a big shift in frequency for people. I can already feel it in the collective energy.



Can you feel the shift? Have you started to see major breakthroughs in your life already? 


In The Goddess Society call last week, everyone was buzzing about the new experiences happening for them already. There was a powerful divine feminine embodiment for one, and huge insights and awareness dropping in for others. (Learn more about The Goddess Society!) 


But let’s get back to the energy…I got my card decks out and pulled a card for June. Well…I opened the box and a card FELL OUT, so, even better! The card was: “The Gift: A present, An offer, Nurturance, Growth, Potential.”



I mean, who doesn't want a gift? But, what's also coming to me is the GIFTS WITHIN YOU. This month will bring the opportunity to really focus on unlocking your potential and the gifts that are sitting inside you, or gifts that you've been trying to develop that have been latent, ready to open and expand and you've just been waiting for the right moment.


And with the breakthroughs we’re already seeing and feeling, those spiritual gifts that you brought into this lifetime to use for the benefit of everyone will be coming online more and more throughout June and beyond. 


The card was also #47, which, broken down, is 11, the Angelic Master Number that brings inner wisdom to the surface to be shared! Perfection! The expanded message in the book said, “This shy gnome is offering this beautiful fairy maiden a gift. It could be of love, of friendship, or a magical present that will bring her new strength and attract great abundance. The question is, will she accept the offering? Because if she does, it will have many benefits.”


So, can you recognize a gift when it's coming? Sometimes we don't because not everything comes in a shiny package with bows on it. Some gifts show up looking pretty ugly. Can you shift your mindset to realizing that everything is happening FOR you? Truly, everything is a gift, whether it’s a shiny one or one that needs to be dusted off. Much like a geode in nature, there's a beautiful crystal inside, but we have to crack it open to find it. 


I remember one of the messages for May was to get clear on what you want to create, so rolling that into June, you’ll be taking the blinders off so you can see the gifts as they’re coming in. We’ll be getting out of the old mindset of “this is bad,” or “this is good,” and “I only want the good thing,” because sometimes there is more potential in the thing that you’re labeling as bad.


A personal example of this was during the economic recession of 2008 and 2009. I was laid off 3 times, and, at first, I saw this as a really bad thing…understandably, right? I felt rejected. I went through all of the emotions. My ego was bruised. And to top it off, I was pregnant with my son. But after a couple of weeks of getting to spend every day with my daughter, who was a toddler at the time, I realized I’d been asking the universe for more time with her.


Suddenly, I could see it as the gift it really was!



So are many times you are living the reality you asked the Universe for, but it doesn't "look" like what you thought it would and so you don't "see" that you are there.


I was receiving exactly what I’d been asking for, it just hadn’t come in a pretty package. It was very hard for me to find another job while I was pregnant, so I finally surrendered to the gift! More time with my daughter was the crystal inside the geode of being laid off. June might be filled with gifts that are diamonds, but look like geodes, and the breakthroughs you experience will be you cracking the geode open!


I pulled another card from my Starseed Oracle deck and got: “Double Mission: Lightworker. Starseed. Serve the world by being you.”


The card showed an ethereal face wearing very vibrant gold makeup, and I heard the message to “connect with the gold inside yourself.” What a beautiful frequency for us to bring through right now! I would say GOLD is the COLOR for JUNE. Connect with it however you can.


Visualize bringing the gold frequency energy down into all of your physical cells, your quantum particles, infusing your entire energy bubble. Pull it down into your field. Do this every day (or however often your own guidance directs) this month and notice how your reality changes.


The intelligence of this energy will help you expand into your higher mission, your higher purpose, and unlock higher levels. The message coming in is that it will open up more of your dormant DNA, so connect with that sparkly gold frequency as often as you can this month!


This exercise will also help you serve the world by being YOU, not only by bringing clarity of mission, message and purpose, but by opening up higher levels of expansion of your message. So if you feel like you’re having trouble connecting with your message fully, like you’re close but you can’t put your finger on it, this energy is really going to help you connect with that.


Next, I pulled a card from my Angels of Abundance deck, “Organize for Success: Don’t let the word ‘organize’ intimidate you as it is simply a way for you to find clarity of purpose. Organizing your thoughts, reports, your living and workspace and your finances will help you know and plan your next action steps.”


I don't know about you, but I really needed this message. I’ve been feeling a pull for systems and structure, because I actually feel more free to be creative within an organized, safe space. I’ve noticed even though I’m a creative person, systems help me to be more successful, but I tend to run the opposite direction because it feels counterintuitive to my creative soul. 


Are you an artistic, creative, intuitive person who runs from structure? Consider that taking the time to create your space the way that works for you will allow you to be more free with your creative pursuits.


It can be as simple as blocking out time for specific activities. If you’re a writer for example, try setting aside a specific time to write during the day, or week, such as Thursdays from Noon to 5pm, and commit to that structure. You can also set up certain tasks to be automated, which frees up more time to let your creative juices flow. 


I pulled a second card in this deck and got: “Release Resentments About Money: Yes, the money system of the world can seem upsetting, but holding resentments about finances just pushes your abundance away. Instead, see money as a tool you can use to better the world, and this shift will help you attract support and golden opportunities.”


Remember, GOLD is the COLOR for JUNE, and here it is again! GOLD = MONEY! Great synchronicity!


Just set an intention to release resentments about money. We can do it right now, this very second, just FORGIVE MONEY. So much negative energy gets thrown onto money, but remember, it’s just energy. We tend to blame money for everything wrong in our lives, but then we’re just holding it outside of ourselves when it’s our perception of money that is the problem. Why would it come to us when we’re constantly in resentment of it?


Let’s send money loving thoughts. Make money your bestie, and not just for June, but forever!


Then I picked up my Butterfly deck and noticed they are etched in gold on the sides! So much gold! The card that came up was: “Changing Your Mind,” but what came to me was “Changing Your MindSET.” 


Simply decide on a mindset that will serve you better. Yes, it can be that easy. I’ve had to drop a few mindsets that were no longer working for me this month. If you find that you’re telling yourself stories that are holding you back, let those old programs go. It’s a continuous process of choosing better for yourself.


Tying this in with our previous card, I would say it’s definitely time to let go of our mindset around money! To quote Abraham Hicks: “Find a better feeling thought.” Just take one step up, and then take one tiny step up above that. You can step your way up to the highest feeling thought that you can think of in a situation.


I pulled one more card for June from my new The Mystique of Magdalene deck, and got: “Rhythm of the Heart: Awaken Your Dream.”


Find your rhythm this month. Coming out of the fast and furious energy of May, it’s time to slow down and find your own groove. Notice if you’re trying to keep up with someone else, or just with the speed of the world around you, and how unnatural it feels. It’s okay to do that sometimes, because we learn what feels right and what doesn’t, but June will help you get back in touch with the beat of your own drum. 


YOUR RHYTHM is where these breakthroughs are going to happen, in your heart center, your GOLDEN ENERGY! (See what I did there?) This is where you will “awaken your dream” in the new foundation you’ve been building the last five months, this very intense shift in vibration. It’s all coming together beautifully!


I love how manifestation can feel like nothing’s happening for so long, but you keep doing the work, keep doing the deep healing, and then BAM! You’re in a new reality! And you realize it was actually happening all along, you were moving toward it, you just couldn’t see it until you matched its frequency. This is the rhythm you’re finding again, the one that is going to awaken this breakthrough. 


So, let’s wrap up! Get back in tune with your natural rhythm, release resentment around money, shift those mindsets that are no longer serving you, pick better feeling thoughts, and look for the gifts in everything, even the rough geodes. Tap into the breakthroughs that are coming.


Have an amazing June, and remember, YOU are a geode. You are simply breaking open to find the diamond inside that you’ve always been.



For the full June energy update video click here:


Wishing you an amazing month,

Angie Kay


PS. If you’re looking for an amazing community of successful, magical, growth-minded women, come join us in The Goddess Society membership! Together in community women manifest their intentions so much faster. I wanted to create a safe space for women to celebrate their successes, expand their intuitive gifts together, manifest their dreams with ease and create an ongoing and aligned sisterhood. Women are already having breakthroughs in there every week, please contact me for more info!


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