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Soul-Led Living

Angie Kay

Soul-Led Living

Soul-Led Living

Soul-Led Living

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Embody your true self
Express your soul gifts

Expand your self love & abundance

Live your Soul Calling
Become Your True Self

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This is Your Goddess Frequency.

I am an intuitive coach and holographic sound healer who speaks for the Soul.

I help Intuitive Entrepreneurs, Soul-led Women, & Spiritual Explorers uplevel their LIFE with compassion, clear-sight, & wisdom, leading you to your FREEDOM!


I speak for the SOUL. That part of you that resonates with your Soul Calling. I help you break through the fear and resistance that inevitably shows up when you're expanding. 

I assist women who have a deep soul calling to embody their divine feminine and create their Soul-Led Life.

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Welcome to  the age of Frequency. 

3 Ways you can work with me

"Angie, with her beautiful angelic voice led me into a deep meditative state. With every frequency she channeled I could feel my chakras opening. Then I felt my root chakra burst open and release lifetimes of deep emotional pain and blockages. I immediately felt lighter and knew I had experienced a very deep healing."

"I am so grateful for being a part of the Goddess Circle Program with Angie at the helm. I wouldn’t have been able to create the newest phase of my business without her. Her insight & intuition along with her wonderful skills & gifts also helped to clear the way when I came up against the blocks that hold me back."

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