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Goddess Codes

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Led by Angie Kay, this transformative energetic journey into the Goddess is designed for women to assist you in embodying the Divine Feminine, by activating your Goddess Codes. This three month course includes a series of Divine Feminine guided meditations, DNA activations and channelled sound transmissions that will assist you to embody your Inner Goddess Frequency. Imagine the joy of unleashing your unlimited creative potential, financial abundance, sensuality and expansion your Divine Feminine soul gifts. Through this program, you'll open to a greater levels of pleasure and self-love than you could ever imagined possible. Clear blockages to your feminine power by releasing fear and oppression of the Divine Feminine from your ancestral line. This will allow you to say goodbye to the blockages to receiving all you desire and allow you to fall in love with life again. Throughout the program, you will: 💎Expand your soul gifts of intuition, healing and spiritual leadership 💎Get crystal clear about your desires - embrace your next level and step into a new vibration where the path forward becomes crystalized 💎Connect with the Goddesses assisting you 💎Heal and open your sacral chakra to experience a greater sensuality and pleasure 💎Experience a higher level of self-love and self-worth 💎Walk the Earth as a Goddess, uplifting and healing all beings with your presence 💎Watch your life and relationships elevate as you transform from the inside 💎Clear and open your root chakra to allow free flow of financial abundance 💎Strengthen your inner masculine essence to create perfect balance and harmony of masculine and feminine presence you 💎Magnetize people, places, events, and resources to assist you with your purpose This unique program assists you ascend to new heights of bliss, joy, pleasure, flow, creativity, sensuality, purpose and fulfillment; accomplishing more and doing less. Welcome to your Goddess Frequency.

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