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Yes, hand lines can change!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Gift markings are your special superpowers that you are meant to serve the world with. They want to be used to their highest potential in your lifetime. There are 18 recognized gift markings in Hand Analysis.

Gifted Healer markings are one of the 18 gift markers. (See image below) Four or more vertical markings (slashes) under the pinky finger means you are a gifted healer. See if you have them! Gifted healers are always, always, always healing themselves. Sometimes healers go through very rapid periods of healing. If you have these markings you can probably recall a time like that for you. The process of healing is ever-evolving. Healers are meant to empower and inspire people to grow through their own healing experiences.

When you change something in your life you can change the line associated in your palm. I personally embarked on a massive healing journey for the last three years and look how many more healer markings I really works that way with this gift, when you heal yourself you elevate the gift to higher levels...left photo is 2 years ago right photo is October 2018. It’s always fun to take new prints and see what’s new! Do you have gifted healer markings?


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