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Is your purpose your greatest fear?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Did you know your life purpose can be right at the center of your fear?  It sounds unbelievable right? I am going to convince you that this is possible and not only that, IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. 

How could your life purpose, the thing you came to this earth to do, be shrouded in fear?  It doesn't seem fair at all. Let me explain ... on a subconscious level you know a great deal about your your life purpose. Societal expectations and the stories we tell ourselves are the main reason some of us forget our life purpose. As the stories go on our purpose gets buried deeper in our psyche. There is still a part of you that knows your purpose and you also know that if you choose to do your purpose things are suddenly very real. This is where the fear can play it's part.

The ego can be afraid of failure and especially failure around doing your life purpose. It's much easier to fail at something that isn't your life purpose. You can just say, "oh well that wasn't my purpose anyways!"  I want to offer a side note reminder here that nothing is ever a "failure," every experience is just another step toward success. We all reach points in our life where we know we are being guided toward our purpose, but we lack the clarity to see through the stories we have told ourselves and have believed for so long. If you look at the things you fear the most, you will realize those things are most likely an element of your life purpose, obscured by the ego as fear to keep you "safe." Start to take a good look at those fears and what stories have you been telling yourself around them. Then you can thank the fears for getting you to pay attention. :)


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