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How I healed my broken heart (line)

The lines in our hands can change because they are placed there by the neural pathways in our brain. When we become consciously aware of a subconscious pattern we can start to make an effort to change that pattern. When we change a pattern (or habit) we change the line in the hand related to it. Becoming aware of subconscious patterns is where hand analysis is very helpful because some patterns can be buried so deep they are not in our conscious awareness. We can see the undesirable results in our lives, but we aren't sure what subconscious loop is causing us to keep getting those same results.

When I started on my hand analysis journey two and a half years ago, I had a broken heart line. Broken heart lines represent devastation. There were some things that happened in my life that I didn't allow myself to grieve through because they were just too painful so I locked them up tight in a box. I walked around for years wounded with a broken heart. Through my hand analysis training I learned about broken heart lines and this was the perfect opportunity for me to begin to heal and watch something change in my hands. Through many healing modalities and going through the grief process, I finally changed that broken heart line to a fully connected heart line.

Watch my video below to see the before and after photos!


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