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Passionate heart lines and their quirks!

Do you have a passionate heart line?  Heart lines in the hands tell a lot about a person's relationship style.  Passionate's are very exciting and fun to be around!  They are typically the life of the party.  They wear their emotions on their sleeve and you always know when they are experiencing an emotion.  They love excitement and struggle with boredom and routine. They are very passionate lovers. Passionate's, just like any other heart line type, have their struggles too.

One thing that can happen to women with a passionate heart line is they can get the message from others that they are too much to handle when they are being their true passionate selves. (Ask me now I know!) Passionate's are the most "me first" of all the types. Women can sometimes decide that it's easier to go along with what society thinks is the more appropriate way for a woman to behave, the nurturer.  This can cause a passionate woman to take on the role of a nurturer.  They can end up care-taking everyone and this doesn't sit well with a passionate. Since this isn't their natural personality it can be hard to maintain this behavior without causing them to become resentful and wonder, "What about me!"  It's very common for a passionate heart line to go nurturer.  80% of passionate heart lines have this trait.  Check your hands to see if you have a passionate or a passionate gone nurturer heart line.


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