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Do you have lines of endurance?

Do you have this marking?  I do and I really had to take a long hard look and what I was enduring in my life and why. How can you tell if you have them? The lifeline arches down to the bottom center of the hand and then there is a line running parallel to it on the inside, it’s attached to the lifeline at the top (see photo). 

The upside to lines of endurance is extra stamina and the ability to endure when other people begin to fatigue.  It can be good for things like: a large work or home project, marathon or anything that requires extra stamina and mental or physical endurance. 

The downside is getting caught in the cycle of enduring anything and everything. It can feel a lot like being in survival mode. I was caught in the downside! I had just taken on the idea that I had to endure anything and everything for survival and that was "just life." Yikes was I so so wrong! I really got to looking at what I was enduring big and small and the reasons why. Usually it had started out as a thought that I could stick something out a little while longer for convenience, timing, to help out, or this, that and the other thing and then it became a no-end-in-sight situation. This can end up looking like enduring financial lack or scarcity, the wrong relationships, work situations, family drama, etc.  Sadly, I was enduring too many of the wrong things. I am so grateful to scientific hand analysis to help me see this was my habit pattern. I slowly started to get rid of things that were no longer in my best interest.  One funny thing I remember was first telling my hubby he had to do his own laundry! HA! He was a good sport and didn't complain and I thought why hadn't I asked him sooner?! I was just stuck in the habit of enduring, it had become so ingrained I didn't know there was an alternative. All joking aside the truth is enduring the wrong things just to endure can take a person off of their life purpose. I had to take a long hard look at where that was happening for me as well. My years in the corporate world had run their course and it was time to look at making a major career change. Big or small I changed almost everything one by one. I am still working on it and always will be.

If you have lines of endurance I would suggest making a checklist and ask yourself .... what are you enduring and why?

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