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Do you have a desire pollution star?

I love the hands because they tell all and they are especially good at telling us our habits. The lines in the palm can change, they are etched in by our brain based on our thinking patterns and the lines tell us the story of our habits. Habits are very, very powerful. The difficulty of habits is we can be unaware of them! Other people around us can know more about our habits than we do.

One habit people can take on is working very hard at other's desires. Check your hand ... do you have a Desire Pollution Star?  This is a challenge marker that can be extremely challenging to the owner. I struggled my entire life with the worst form of this, a whole string of them! How does it show up? Where the Mercury line (starts under the pinky or a little below the pinky) and the headline meet or right above or below that crossing point can be a star (see photo).  This is a challenge marker that means the owner could be out of touch with their own desires. They can work hard for what others want or what others want for them (for example what their parents, spouse or children want for them). They tend to take on other's desires as if they were their own, however, they find no fulfillment in this.  This challenge marker can affect a person so deeply it can keep them from living their life purpose.  The owner can be so go with the flow they never stand up for their desires, even with things as small as, "What movie do I want to go to?" The best way for the owner to cope is to constantly ask themselves ..."What do I want?" The owner of this marking should start small even with things like, "Where do I want to eat lunch?" or "How do I want to wear my hair?" This person should try not to solicit feedback from others when deciding, they should decide on their own until they get the hang of it. If you have this marker you're not alone, it's a common challenge marker. Just like any challenge marking in the hand, awareness is the key. Being aware allows the owner to start taking steps to getting themselves "unstuck."


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