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Are you in the school of LOVE?!

Did you know you are in one or two of 4 possible life schools? Life school is the lens in which you see the world and your life purpose through. The School of Love seems like a great topic to discuss today because it Valentine’s Day! The school of love is all about the loop fingerprint (see below). If you have many loops you might be in the school of love. People in the School of Love are all about connection! They are some of the most well connected people you will ever meet. At their best they are able to master self-love. The goal is to feel a full range of emotion without blowing up or having a tizzy fit. When they are at their highest postential, they are able to handle confrontation even if it requires temporary disconnection. Confronting someone, when needed, eventually allows for deeper connection. On the downside they can stuff or bottle up emotions only to explode later. They also can have a tendency to pop into their heads and rationalize emotions. They can avoid disconnection and avoid being emotionally authentic.

The goal of the school of love is to become emotionally authentic by being able to feel and display a full range of emotion. Being emotionaly authentic will create even greater connection in the school of love.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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