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Letting go of what people think.

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Have you ever let a few people's opinions stop you from your life purpose, your greatest joy?  You could be ready and willing to do the thing that you know is going to bring you that joy and fulfillment and then those doubts creep in..."What will my mom think?  What will my two friends think?  Will I be rejected, laughed at or worse?  It's just not safe."  The doubting thoughts can leave you stuck in the muck, and paralyzed with fear. 

Yikes! I know I've been guilty of this. Let me break down this "lie."  First of all, many times when we have made the assumption that a few people MIGHT reject us, we haven't even asked those few people what they think.  We have only imagined the scenario in our minds that they will reject us.  On the other hand, (I like to say hand hehe) we may know they don't approve.  Are you willing to allow just a FEW people to keep you from your joy, from impacting many people and leaving your legacy on the world?  It's hard to quantify how many people you are actually impacting when you're doing your life purpose because of the ripple effect.  My favorite description of this is, one person doing their life purpose affects the whole world. Like Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world."  You can do this by choosing to live on purpose! And those few people you worried about, they might become your biggest fans. :)



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