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Hey I'm Angie, I live with my husband and two kids in Denver, Colorado. After 17 years in the corporate world I was craving a dramatically different direction in life, one with deep meaning and purpose. I got to the point where I was asking myself, what in the heck am I doing with my life?  I started to realize the only way to make a profound change in my life was to place my happiness and fulfillment above all else. When I learned to love myself enough to make my own desires a priority not only did my life transform so did those around me. 


Thankfully, the tools I am going to share with you are the ones that helped me discover my Soul Purpose and completely change my life.

Welcome Amazing Goddess!

About Angie


We'll be a great fit if...


You know you have a deeper purpose and soul calling, but you don't have clarity around what it is and what the next steps are. 


You are someone who has felt misaligned in your work and are craving a more meaningful life experience.

You are searching for the bridge between where you are and where you desire to be.

You are surrounded by people who think the traditional ways of working are the only path to success, and you need a mentor who knows there is another way and can help guide you.

You struggle with believing in your talents, abilities, self-worth and the stress is taking its toll on you.  

You long for freedom, abundance and purpose yet you feel blocked from receiving these things. 



Who do I work with?

My ideal client is a woman who has a deep knowing that she is meant for more, but she isn't quite sure how to unearth her soul purpose and what steps to take to make lasting changes in her life. 

Now you probably want to get to know ME

Since 2008 I've studied practices like Reiki, energy, the Law of attraction and other spiritual teachings. And then I found myself in the midst of my own dark night of the soul, and it made me search for even more transformative spiritual tools. 



As a result, I stumbled upon Life Purpose Hand Analysis and the Akashic Records and at first I used them to crawl out of my own Dark Night of the Soul, find inner peace and create an abundant life I love. I started pleading to the Universe "Why am I here? What is my purpose?" And as the layers started to reveal themselves to me, I realized I had been lying to myself about what was important and what I truly desired and that was the cause of my misery. The only way to get out of that was to admit that my soul calling was not a corporate marketing job. 

The scientific hand analysis revealed that my purpose was Public Impact in the Healing Arts and to be of service to the masses. When I discovered the work of the Akashic records I realized that I had been operating from old patterns and I was given permission to let them go. 

And that is what I want for you...

Permission to Live Your Life on Purpose and let go of the familial patterns that you are unconsciously still operating from. 


After experiencing just how powerful these tools are, I now share them with people just like you so that you can release what isn't serving you, manifest easily and effortlessly, and go for the life of your dreams. 


Common Career Lines (15).png


  • Certified Intuitive Life Coach

  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach with Quantum Success Coaching Academy

  • Akashic Records Teacher/Guide

  • Certified IIHA Hand Analyst 

  • BA in Journalism/Advertising

  • Reiki practitioner, energy healer

  • 17 years business marketing experience 

  • Healy frequency mentor and distributor

What is my experience?

What sets my coaching apart



Where many mentors give either energy processes OR strategy, I am fortune enough to come from a background where I can provide both. I offer a mixture of energetic practice and grounded strategy to take you toward the life you want to live.



My signature Akashic Records training provides a lifetime of tools to assist you with connecting to your highest guidance, clarity, manifestation, and working with challenges in a simple  step by step process. It gets results so quickly, it's almost unbelievable.



I focus on assisting women who were raised with certain beliefs and expectations telling them how they were meant to show up in society. Because of this their self-worth and value are wrapped up in their career.  I am here to dismantle the expectations and help them choose the life they were meant to live instead. 



Alignment is the key to manifestation. When you are in alignment you feel great and manifest effortlessly. I use energy tools like Healy frequency to provide feedback and send frequency to assist your vibration so that it is in alignment more frequently. 

Fun Random Facts...

  • I love oracle cards and Andara crystals.

  • My favorite hobby is painting.

  • I love decorating for the holidays and even if no one is coming I am still going to deck the halls.

  • The first thing I want when I get out of bed is my chai with collagen powder in my "no drama llama" mug.

  • I love to travel to sacred sites. My most memorable trip was when I planned a trip to Stonehenge which unintentionally ended up being on the Equinox and I got to go into the stone circle. 

  • I am grateful to have a supportive husband, wonderful kids and an amazing orange tabby named Willie. 

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